6 books to tell mum "I ❤️ you"

6 books to tell mum "I ❤️ you"

With all the hard work that goes into being a mother—running the household, dealing with the kid's tantrums (and the husband's too), extinguishing all sorts of fires (metaphorical and otherwise), plus being the chef, psychologist and cleaner—and all the while striving towards a successful career, we think it's not fair that there is only one day a year to celebrate these wonderful women in our lives.

Just because we aren't able to take mum out for that fancy candlelight dinner this Mother's Day (#stayhome everyone), doesn't mean we need to stop showing our appreciation altogether.

There's no better opportunity than this to nurture our bonds with our mothers. Cook a meal for her, pick up the phone and talk to her, and to top it all off, remind her that she's always on your mind with a simple gift, like say, a good book to read.

Here are 6 books written by mums for mums that have inspired us and warmed our hearts.


1 | Mummy's Guilt? The Challenges and Wonders of Working Mums by Eleanor Lim

The life of a working mum sounds pretty darn difficult:  juggling career, marriage, the kids, an almost non-existent social life, and the need to clock in an adequate amount of sleep every day. This book, however, reassures all working mums that a fulfilling work-life balance is not as far from reach as it seems. A mother to a young boy and regional counsel for a multinational company, Eleanor shares her treasury of personal experiences, anecdotes and sought-after advice as a guide to conquering motherhood and career.


2 | Homeless by Liyana Dhamirah

Liyana was a mother of two and heavily pregnant when she was kicked out of her own apartment by her mother-in-law. After exhausting all possible avenues, she found herself having set up a temporary lodging (aka a tent) with her family at Sembawang Beach. Through it all, she struggled to make ends meet, and did her best to provide her family with a roof over their heads again.
Her memoir is proof of the unparalleled strength of a woman's resilience and a mother's love.


3 | Keep Calm and Mother On edited by Pauline Loh

At every stage of a child's life, there are various—and sometimes, unprecedented—challenges to face.
Sometimes, it can feel like a strategic game of chess: there are certain moves you want to make to reach your goal, but you also have to predict your child's needs and wants. But despite the hurdles, nothing can hold a candle to the feeling of joy that parenting brings. Don't believe us? Take it from these 21 mums, who all have their own unique story to share. Sure, there will be bumps along the way, but, as they show, everything will be worth it in the end.


4 | Coming Home by Tita Larasati

After almost a decade abroad, Tita returns to her hometown of Bandung, Indonesia with her Dutch husband and two kids in tow.

She soon realises that everything has changed in that time, and nothing is the way she remembered it to be.
Busying herself with helping her family adjust to life in Bandung, she spends the little pockets of time that she has for herself rediscovering her hometown with a fresh, new perspective. This graphic diary recounts the adventures that Tita encounters as she shares the ups and downs of domestic life while starting life anew.


5 | Drink Your Coffee While It's Hot by Joyce Ewing Chow

Toni Hammer once offered a recipe for iced coffee for mums.

1. Have kids
2. Make coffee
3. Forget you made coffee
4. Drink it cold

You've all heard of the terrible twos, right? Well, it's the toddler years, really. When your kids learn to be mobile by themselves, that's when you realise you should have all those things you wanted to do years ago. All because of these tiny humans who have entered your life. That is why Joyce is here to help. In this book, she shares various tried-and-tested methods to grooming your toddlers into little angels to help you hold on to your sanity—and how you can celebrate the crazy toddler years with a good and hot cup of coffee in your hand!


6 | I'm Not Perfect, I'm a Mom by Jasmine Han and Shelly Holly

There is no sugarcoating it—motherhood will be tough, and definitely bizarre.

In this book, Jasmine and Shelly pool their collective experiences together and dish out some real talk about what to really expect during motherhood. Within these pages are true stories, whether they're about the bizarre experiences of pregnancy, or how to avoid public tantrums and punching the husband, this humourous book reminds you that it's okay if you're not the perfect mum.


BONUS | Mum's Not Cooking by Denise Fletcher

Want to cook for mum? Awesome! Don't know how to go about it? No problem!

Denise's Mum's Not Cooking is the cookbook/food guide for anybody who has never stepped into the kitchen (traditionally, that's the room in the house where meals are prepared) but would like to cook up a storm. Filled with easy-to-prepare recipes—from sweet and sour pork to rendang to two-minute brownies—this book is filled with enough hacks to make you seem like the next Gordon Ramsay or Nigella Lawson. Even your mum would approve*!

*Ours sure did.

Please note that all book deliveries will be delayed during the circuit breaker period.

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