Soundtrack for a book: The Great Singapore Poo Sale by Maureen Yeo

(photo: Malte Wingen/Unsplash)

In the book, The Great Singapore Poo Sale and Other Beastly Business, the animals of Singapore find themselves under threat. So they decide to take matters into their own hands – or rather, paws – and come up with a couple of rather ingenious ideas – and some downright weird ones – to make the people more eco-aware. 

Does the plan work? We're not going to give any spoilers, suffice it to say that the animals have an uphill task ahead of them.

(The creators of The Great Singapore Poo Sale, Gracie Chai (illustrator, left) and author Maureen Yeo.)
What wasn't that much of an uphill task was picking a soundtrack to go with the book. From epic tunes such as Circle of Life by Elton John to fun ditties such as What Did The Fox Say by Ylvis, these songs were handpicked by The Great Singapore Poo Sale author Maureen Yeo to reflect the spirit of the book.
Here's her selection...

Circle of Life by Elton John. 

The Lion King is a huge inspiration to me! In the book, I tried to capture that grand profusion of life that we see in the beginning of this wonderful film. Also, Circle of Life reminds me of a story a teacher friend told me about an amazing prank one student played. One day, the student swapped the CD used for the school's morning assembly, so instead of the National Anthem, the PA system boomed: "Nants ingonyama bagithi Baba!" So this song always brings a smile to my face.


Eye of the Tiger by Survivor. 

The extinction of the tiger here is probably the biggest loss I feel in terms of Singapore's animals. The tiger to me represents a wilder, more exotic and mythic time, far removed from our present metropolis. It is so alien to most Singaporeans to think of wild animals in our city, but the tigers continue to hang on and survive. 


What Does the Fox Say by Ylvis. 

There's a lot of animal talk going on in the Animal Council! I love this silly song. Everybody needs silliness in their lives.


End Credits score from Homeward Bound OST

A beautiful score from a great movie about three lost pets finding their way home. The lead character is an American Bulldog that is working through emotional baggage from being abandoned, just like the old Stray Dog in my book. 


 Animal Song by Savage Garden

This song, like the book, is about going back to nature and childhood to escape the mess of adulting!


Bye Bye Blackbird from The History Boys OST

When the previously rejected Bulbul finally gets the chance to sing, it is a poignant moment. The nostalgic, bittersweet mood of this song captures that feeling.


Colours of the Wind from Pocahontas OST

Disney cartoons have obviously had a huge influence on me. This song emphasises empathy and rediscovering a connection with nature, which the book also urges. 


Heal the World by Michael Jackson

A classic song about conservation. I am a huge Michael Jackson fan.


All Creatures of Our God and King by Sovereign Grace Music

I Sing the Mighty Power of God by The Hoppers

Those who can read music may already know that the story's last illustration by Gracie Chai includes the melody of these two hymns. I believe that all the wonderful creatures in this world reveal and honour a Creator who has given Man stewardship over the Earth.


The creators of The Great Singapore Poo Sale will be hosting an event at Woods in the Books on 16 Feb. Sign up and details here for a morning of fun 

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