Singapore’s People’s Action Party

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This title is part of Robert Yeo’s First Editions, it was published in 1971.

Perhaps the single, most controversial political party in South-East Asia today is Singapore’s People’s Action Party. Praised for its incorruptibility and its pragmatic approach to the many problems which face the Republic, and yet feared for its ruthlessness in accomplishing its aims, the P.A.P. is also one of the most successful political parties to have emerged on the post-war Asian scene.

How did the Party organize itself for its early victories and how has it overcome the various challenges to its survival? This book attempts to answer these, and other, questions by first tracing the history of the Party and then describing its organization in terms of its financial, membership and elitist structure.

The author is a Political Science graduate of the University of Singapore.

Cover Type: Hardcover
Year Published: 1971
Language: English

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