The Island in the Caldera

Publisher: Math Paper Press

Being brave isn’t about never being afraid. It is about being scared and yet taking the leap and trying. Min Rui and Chloe are on a perilous journey home through the strange lands of the Island in the Caldera. The book is about how the two sisters face ferocious tree dragons, stinky giants, being hungry and tired, and still managing to survive. It is about helping friends, like a precocious talking cat, and reading lots of books. It is also a story about the amazing wisdom and beauty of Asia, where almost the entire book is based on real places in this region, real inventions by Asian scientists, actual Asian history and mythology.

The Island of the Caldera exists not only in this novel - but in the real world for those curious, and brave, enough to explore and learn.

Illustrated by Stephanie Raphaela Ho.

ISBN: 9789810986278
Page Count: 208
Year Published: 2016
Language: English

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