I Dare to Dream

Publisher: MHC Asia Group
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In the early 60s, a little kampong boy was born in an obscure village. No one expected this little kampong boy to amount to anything, not even his own parents. Circumstances, situations and life's events seemed to convene against him. Weighed down by adversities, there seemed no way for his dream to take off. His dream would have died an eventual and sure death if not for a tiny spark that refused to die. That tiny spark of "dreaming big and beyond" became the force behind his rise from obscurity to the CEO of MHC Asia Group.

I Dare to Dream is a personal story of Dr Low Lee Yong's humble beginnings and his struggles to make his dream a reality. In chronicles his ups and downs, his struggles, his failures and setbacks and how through them all, he managed to rise above and made the best out of each and every circumstance.

Vividly told with candid honesty, I Dare to Dream, is more than a collection of life stories, it carries a universal human metaphor—the need to dream and the aspiration to be something more.

"The myriad ups and downs of Dr Low's life experiences will keep the readers on edge. No episode is more exciting than his masterful use of Social Media for my Presidential Election bid"
—Dr Tan Cheng Bock, MP for Ayer Rajah Constituency (1980–2006), Presidential Candidate, Singapore 2011)

"Listen to this man, intently. Dr Low's experiences are not some success fantasy story. They are an acute expression that proves true success is a combination of failure, struggle and triumph. If we would all understand this, learn from it, and even revel in it as he was, we too will soar."
—Ms Anita Kapoor, Television Presenter, Writer

"I Dare to Dream is an inspirational reminder of the power of positive thinking combined with complete and utter perseverance. People can achieve the most amazing things when they dare to dream, and Dr Low reminds us through his stories, there is so much dreaming, and so much daring, still to be done."
—Mr Ben Lightfoot, CEO, McCANN Worldgroup Singapore

"This isn't just a book–it's a hit movie! The storyboard is poignant yet simple, exalting yet sobering, and funny and emotionally charged at the same time. A magical story told with inimitable authenticity. There's something in I Dare to Dream for each one of us, regardless of our station in life – a thought-provoking, humbling read."
—Mr Viswa Sadasivan, CEO of Strategic Moves & Former Nominated Member of Parliament

"An inspiring read about a man who refused to give up on his hopes and dreams."
—Mr Wong Kim Hoh (Senior Writer, Straits Times)

"An inspiring read... and a timeless reminder that tough times never last, but tough people do!"
—Ms Wong Su-Yen (Senior Partner & ASEAN Managing Director, Mercer)

ISBN: 9789810980993
Cover Type: Softcover
Year Published: 2016
Language: English

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