Our Name is Mutiny: The Global Revolt Against the Raj and the Hidden History of the Singapore Mutiny, 1907-1915

Publisher: Landmark Books
  • The first and only account that tells the story from the Sepoy's perspective. The other accounts have the white colonial masters' self-righteous, played out by the Asian soldiers' narrative. This account shows that the mutiny was caused by the careless and poor communication of the British commanders and government officials and how they handled their men.

In 1907, in the gathering storm of the First World War, a global revolt against the British Raj was taking shape. A shadowy network known as the Ghadar or Mutiny Movement plotted an Indian uprising that spilled across Britain’s Eastern Empire. In 1915, the snug settlement of Singapore thus faced a mutiny by its garrison of British Indian Army soldiers or sepoys.

Stoked by Indian rebels based in California, Sikh activists on a migrant voyage to Canada to contest its race laws, a German sea raider, and renegades preaching Muslim holy war, the 1915 Singapore sepoy mutiny fused several plots against imperial power in the region.

This book reveals the hidden history of the mutiny and exposes the forces that converged on the small island enroute to the revolt against the British Empire in India. The story of the men and women behind the world-wide rebellion and the Singapore mutiny is brought to life in this thrilling non-fiction narrative that spotlights the legacy of the forgotten uprisings.

"Masterful... An essential portrait of the colonial era that provides lasting lessons for the region’s multicultural present."
—Dr Parag Khanna, The Future is Asian

ISBN: 9789811429170
Cover Type: Softcover
Page Count: 378
Year Published: 2019
Language: English

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