Girls Can't Be in the Mafia

Publisher: Epigram Books

Morbidly funny and inspiring, Danielle West's memoir is heart-breakingly honest about her years of angst and escape.

Getting away from her dysfunctional family was Danielle's one mission as a child in America. After a stint of homelessness, she becomes a dominatrix and a go-go dancer, a soap-maker and a professional MMA fighter in London, a digital marketer and a novelist—all before stepping foot in Singapore, where she has made her home.

“A refreshingly brave and authentic memoir of a truly inspiring woman who shows us how she grappled with, wrestled and won the fight against her raging demons of depression and despair, to become the successful overachiever she is today.”
—Ning Cai, author of the bestselling Misdirection 

“It is amazing Danielle has the ability to tell her story with any bit of a sense of humour… Her recollection of her life’s events is more than the experience of three lifetimes.”
—Rich Franklin, three-time MMA world champion

ISBN: 9789814785952
Cover Type: Softcover
Page Count: 248
Year Published: 2018
Language: English

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