The Ravenwall

Publisher: Richstar Limited

One self-obsessed, one imbecile, one scrawny, one old, and one squire. Do they have what it takes to save Raventopia and all of creature-kind? The first book of the series, 12-year old Elliot Yuen, from Chinese International School in Hong Kong, leads his readers through magical dimensions and adrenaline-gripping yet humorous scenes as James Dolan and the Eagle Shield engage in the dangerous mission to kill the most powerful wizard that ever existed.

Author’s Profile
Born in 2006, Elliot Yuen is a bookworm who has an obsessive reading habit and adores writing for leisure. His greatest passion is to encourage the world to read. Apart from school and writing books, he spends his time producing book reviews on his personal blog. Elliot also enjoys gaming and loves adventure sports such as bungee jumping, hang gliding, rock climbing and rafting. He plays badminton and table tennis as well. Elliot lives with his parents and 2 sisters in Hong Kong and attends Year 8 at Chinese International School. His favourite subject at school is English and his favourite place is the library.

ISBN: 9781718146884
Cover Type: Softcover
Year Published: 2018
Language: English

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