Eye/Feel/Write: Experiments in Ekphrasis

Publisher: Squircle Line Press

What happens when art meets literature? How does a writer view an artwork, and render new writing that stands on its own as a work of art? A special commission by the National Arts Council for the Singapore Writers Festival, Eye/Feel/Write: Experiments in Ekphrasis, edited by Desmond Kon Zhicheng-Mingdé, is an ekphrastic project that pairs twenty eminent writers in Singapore to pen texts inspired by artworks exhibited at The National Gallery Singapore and Singapore Art Museum.

The twenty distinguished contributors include: Alfian Sa’at, Alvin Pang, Anne Lee Tzu Pheng, Chow Teck Seng, Divya Victor, Edwin Thumboo, Eric Tinsay Valles, Gwee Li Sui, Isa Kamari, Jerrold Yam, Jollin Tan, Joshua Ip, K. Kanagalatha (Latha), Leong Liew Geok, Ovidia Yu, Ramanathan Vairavan, Robin Hemley, Tan Chee Lay, Yeow Kai Chai, and Yong Shu Hoong. The selected artworks trek a bold and broad range, from the contemporary to heritage. Each text inhabits the artist’s material, yet frees itself from it: teasing, testing, extending, tasting, in beautiful acts of transference. From this relationship between two different kinds of artist is borne an articulation, an architecture/architectonic that celebrates the making of texts as experiment.

ISBN: 9789810967444
Cover Type: Softcover
Page Count: 176
Year Published: 2015
Language: English

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