When the Lights Went Off

By: Paul Tan
Publisher: Landmark Books

As the poet navigates through middle age, beset by questions on ageing, love and loss, and the incipient awareness of mortality, these poems give shape and meaning to those attendants, oft-unspoken anxieties. Through coy irony, imagined personas and leaps of creative faith, Tan’s fifth collection of poetry interrogates the redemptive possibilities of art, promising a journey through the familiar and the off-kilter.

“Frost’s criteria for good poetry - wisdom and delight - are abundantly manifest here, carried by a voice that is characteristically modest, beguiling, and honest.”
Boey Kim Cheng

“Paul Tan’s new poems are graceful, meditative explorations of the edge in its various avatars. These tensile, tonally rich poems resonant with the teachings of wabi sabi, he transforms the depredations of time and nature into jewel-like reflections.”
—Ranjit Hoskote

“Growing old with Paul Tan is a distinct pleasure … his art has gained new rhythms even as it keeps re-establishing familiarity.”
Gwee Li Sui

ISBN: 9789814189866
Cover Type: Softcover
Page Count: 80
Year Published: 2018
Language: English

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