BanG Dream! #1

Publisher: Shogakukan Asia

The newest title from Bushiroad Inc — the entertainment company behind Cardfight!! VanguardFuture Card BuddyfightDetective Milky HolmesWeiss Schwarz and other titles – BanG Dream! (バンドリ) is a media mix project featuring animated music videos, comics, song releases and much more.

What’s more, the voice cast for the characters of BanG Dreamalso perform in concerts in real-life as the girls’ band “Poppin’Party”.

Kasumi Toyama has always been captivated by the “beat of the stars”. Since then, she’s been searching for something… a spark that’ll excite and thrill her! Following a trail of star-shaped stickers, she soon stumbles upon a Random Star guitar at her school mate’s house! mangaCould this mark the start of something amazing? A sparkling, heart-racing high school life begins for Kasumi as she decides to form a band!

ISBN: 9789811125782
Cover Type: Softcover
Page Count: 164
Year Published: 2017
Language: English

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