Mr Kiasu: Everything Also Talk Money

Publisher: Shogakukan Asia

Mr Kiasu is one of Singapore’s most recognisable comic icons in the 90s, bringing a brand of local humor that is greatly identifyable and relatable to Singaporeans everywhere. A caricature of a typical Singaporean who “does not like to lose”, the comic series has sold over 650,000 copies since its debut in 1990, with eight comic volumes and three spin-off titles; and also has a live-action drama series and various merchandise to its franchise.

Relaunched in 2017, Mr Kiasu is now presented in a new environment – a technologically advanced and modern Singapore, to which he applies his  own quirky brand of “Kiasu” solutions to everyday situations.

‘Everything Also Talk Money.’ Money. Money is money. And money, money, money and more money. Money, money, money, and money money money money! Money? Money!! Money money, money or money but money and only money. (Money money money). So money and money and money. Therefore money with money and so money is money and money money. Finally money! money! money! and money.

ISBN: 9789811161292
Cover Type: Softcover
Page Count: 128
Year Published: 2017
Language: English

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