Natural History Drawings


This book brings together for the first time all 477 pieces in Colonel William Farquhar’s collection of natural history drawings, commissioned during his time as British Resident and Commandant of Malacca from 1803 to 1818. Covering a wide spectrum of flora and fauna, the evocative paintings were rendered in brilliant watercolour by Chinese artists who employed both Chinese and Western painting techniques. In an era when photography was non-existent, the only means of recording nature and wildlife was through painting. Accompanied by authoritative essays and detailed captions, Natural History Drawings: The Complete William Farquhar Collection is a valuable addition to the art or nature lover’s library, and indispensable to those with an interest in the region. It showcases some fascinating wildlife still present in the region today and is also an important record of species that have been lost or are diminished in number.

"Quite the loveliest book I have had the luck to leaf through in the past 12 months. The coloured drawings are captivating in their combination of Chinese nature painting tradition and a more scientific European approach."

Financial Times, London 2013-01-04
- Harry Eyres

ISBN: 9789814217699
Page Count: 336
Year Published: 2010
Language: English

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