SQ21: Singapore Queers in the 21st Century

Publisher: Math Paper Press

First published in 2006, the groundbreaking collection of coming out stories was the first affirming non-fiction volume accompanied by real names and faces. Written in light, clear prose, SQ21 shows an unabashed straightforward honesty and finds inspiration in the lives of these ordinary Singaporeans.

Though a bestseller that won acclaim as The Straits Times non-fiction book of that year, SQ21 remained out-of-print for nearly a decade. This new reprint comes updates with fresh material – a new interview by Ng Yi-Sheng, and a new foreword by the editor Jason Wee.

ISBN: 9789811151095 (Softcover (Black)), 9789811151096 (Softcover (White))
Cover Type: Softcover (Black), Softcover (White)
Page Count: 181
Year Published: 2017
Language: English

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