The Expats’ Guide to Singapore: Finding Your Feet on the Little Red Dot

Publisher: A&J Press

In The Expats’ Guide to Singapore: Finding Your Feet on the Little Red Dot seasoned expats Jessica Duff and Alison Sanders calm your newbie fears, reveal inside information, and share their own hard-earned experiences (and many, many mishaps) which will leave you snorting with laughter. You’ll get practical advice and observations on

  • Choosing the right school, neighbourhood, car, or condo
  • Finding other expat souls to call friends
  • And perhaps most pressingly, how to deal with the hot mess that is your hair (no offence, of course)

More than just a guidebook, The Expats’ Guide is funny, engaging, informative—and wise. It’s like having two best friends here in Singapore, helping you to Find Your Feet.

About the Authors
Alison Ozawa Sanders and Jessica Duff are the duo behind the popular blog and Facebook page, Textpat Wives. Both are expats, living and raising their families in Singapore. Ali is from California, and Jess was born and raised in Ireland and moved to Singapore from London. Both are former lawyers, current harried parents, and fairly constant hot messes. They’re both also freelance writers, though the bulk of their writing comprises exasperated, all-caps text messages to one another.

"The posts are very much tongue-in-cheek; these mamas recognize their own good fortune and generally make fun of themselves more than anyone else. But there is humour to be mined from everyday challenges like frizzy hair courtesy of the humidity, or having to visit four different markets to complete your grocery shopping list. These mamas clearly love and appreciate life in Singapore, and that’s what shines through most."
Read the full Sassy Mama's lovely write-up

ISBN: 9789811181351
Cover Type: Softcover
Page Count: 392
Year Published: 2018
Language: English

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