5 Singlit for Beach Holiday (Ladies edition)

Books for beach holiday


So, you are finally on that beach getaway that you’ve been counting down to.

You pack new beachwear, put on gorgeous new shades, take amazing Instagram pictures and sip a cocktail. The sand is soft under your sun bed, getting warm from the late morning sun. The waves break on the shore with a humming sound and you are all ready to enjoy. Ahhhh….

…….two minutes later, you are stuck thinking — What the hell should I do next?

Well, you can keep surfing that Facebook page, OR, you can read and live the moment!

1. The Wanderlusters by Grace Chia

The Wanderlusters

Beach Rule #1 Romance always works.

Delia is living her dream in the glamour and glitz of Cirque Obélisque, the worlds’ most famous modern circus. When her husband abandons her and their daughter, her life turns upside down until Richard, a charismatic and charming performer, enters her life. But in this close-knit village where everyone knows everyone, does she dare love another?

The Wanderlusters is a backstage pass for a sneak peek at life behind the curtains of a travelling circus community, and how life on the road can make one stronger or tear one apart.

2. Rich Kill Poor Kill by Neil Humphreys


Beach Rule #2. It needs a hook.

The world is watching Singapore.

More specifically, its first serial killer in decades.

With its reputation as a safe, global city in ruins, the authorities turn to detective inspector Stanley Low. As a bipolar detective least qualified for the investigation, he is also the only man capable of understanding what drives the serial killer. But his sanity deteriorates as he mimics the mind of a madman and the sickening truth is yet to be found.

3. The River’s Song by Suchen Christine Lim

The River's Song by Suchen Christine Lim

Beach Rule #3 You miss home, even more, when you are (finally) away.

So take a nostalgic flight to 1950s Singapore where Ping, the daughter of Chinatown’s Pipa Queen, and Weng, the boy next door, fall in love.

A story about identity, love and loss, all set against the dramatic backdrop of Singapore River during the rise of Singapore.

4. Secrets of Singapore by Leslie-Anne and Monica Lim

Danger Dan: Secrets of Singapore

Beach Rule #4 Everyone likes simple reads. Especially if it’s non-fiction.

If reading fiction is not quite your thing, why not a recap of Singapore history, the Not-So-PAP-Way? Complete with graphics and your teenage superhero guide, Danger Dan, this book gives you a short-and-sweet snapshot of Singapore’s history. 

What’s more, it’s actually a young adult book, which means it’ll take you no time to read it.

5. Career Crossroads by Adrian Choo

Career Crossroads

Beach Rule #5 It’s the best time to ponder.

Are you at the crossroads of your career right now?

Is this work right for you?

Should you stay or ….leave?

Told by a star headhunter in Singapore, this book is an insider’s guide to a real-world-Singapore-facts affecting your marketability in the job market. Read this, and learn the best strategies your next move.


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