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Families today have all sorts of interesting ways to experience the joy of being connected. Some watch TV together, some sit around and play mahjong, some travel all over this island looking for the yummiest food possible so they can Instagram it and make their relatives and co-workers jealous.

All that is good. But did you ever consider having family storytelling sessions? It works wonders.

Children love listening to stories. To them, a good story is a valuable gift. A good story will light up their imagination, make them laugh, and inspire lots of questions. They learn valuable life lessons as well.

Image Source: https://medium.com/@SuperCoolBooks/lion-city-adventures-the-art-of-legendary-parenting-adb4b2267d5e#.7yvp75ygp

Island of Legends, the third book in the Lion City Adventures series, is filled with local legends. These are classic stories that everyone can relate to, but told in a new and more entertaining way. As adventure stories and mysteries and short thrillers. Also, they’re about relationships, especially family connections. They emphasise getting along with the people around us. They illustrate how to deal with troublemakers. They remind us to keep the promises we make to those we love.

Image Source: https://medium.com/@SuperCoolBooks/lion-city-adventures-the-art-of-legendary-parenting-adb4b2267d5e#.7yvp75ygp


So share these amazing Singapore legends with your children. Take them into your home and bring them to life in your living room. Or read them to your children at bedtime. Warning, though: bedtime may be delayed due to an excess of enthusiastic questions.

Also, it’s worth pointing out that at some point your children might need to do some homework about Singapore’s history and legends, and the stories and fun facts in this book will certainly come in handy. What wonderful value for money you’ll be getting.

Happy reading!

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Don Bosco is the author of the award-winning LION CITY ADVENTURES series, about a society of children dedicated to exploring Singapore, making new friends and solving mysteries.

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