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Read on to find more about publishers from Singapore, and their personal recommendations.

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They spend months, sometime years to bring the best books to you.

 Some of these books make it to the bestsellers list, but most times we don’t discover them.

 So we’ve asked “Which books are you fond of?

Armour Publishing 

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As Singapore’s leading publisher of Christian and self-help books, Armour is best known for their inspirational titles and children’s books. Their main focus is on producing motivational books for children and adults alike as well as propelling local authors onto the international stage!

Try: Frequently Asked Questions about Christianity by Then Chee Min 


 Balestier Press 

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Balestier Press brings in works from all over Asia, with many of their texts being translated, as they work towards their goal of sharing good Asian literature with English readers around the world. Their publications offer a good mix of children’s books and fiction for adults and young adults.

Try: Crystal Wedding by Xu XiaoBin


EDM Books

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As an international publisher of non-fiction, particularly in the art and culture of Asia, EDM Books has become recognised for its books by those who appreciate art and culture. They are an excellent with producing customising books or catalogues for large institutions.

Try: Over Singapore by Prof. Tommy Koh and Richard Koh 

Try: A River Transformed by Timothy Auger


 Epigram Books 

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Epigram Books is known for putting together well-designed and thought-provoking titles, including novels, graphic novels, short stories, plays, children’s books and poetry. It also launched the richest literary award in Singapore, the annual Epigram Books Fiction Prize, which reward excellence in contemporary Singapore creative writing, as well as encourage readership of high-quality Singapore literature.

Try: Let’s Give It Up For Gimme Lao! by Sebastian Sim 

Try: Sugarbread by Balli Kaur Jaswal 


Ethos Books (Pagesetters)

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Ethos Books is dedicated to nurturing the growing literary scene in Singapore as seen in their wide range of works published including plays and poetry. They prioritise their authors’ opinions by using a collaborative approach in their publishing

Try: Gone Case by Dave Chua 

Try: The Sound of SCH by Danielle Lim 


 Math Paper Press 

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The works published by Math Paper Press are mainly poetry, plays and short stories with strong local flavour. Often brutally honest and sometimes in odd formats, they attempt to represent Singapore in as any ways as possible.

Try: And the Walls Come Crumbling Down by Tania De Rozario

Try: Island in the Caldera by Lin Xuiling


Lingzi Media (Mandarin Publisher) 

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One of Singapore’s few Chinese publishers, Lingzi Media has flourished with everything from novels to assessment books. Storybooks from China are also carefully selected and imported for Singaporean readers. As active promoters of the Chinese language, they are behind the Chinese Language Reaing Programme to encourage students to read Chinese.

Try:  成长在李光耀时代  by 李慧敏

Try: 我所知道的李光耀 by 陈加昌


Pan Asia Publishing (Bilingual Publisher) 

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Publisher of children’s illustrated story books and educational books, Pan Asia also publishes books that are in both English and Chinese, providing excellent learning avenue for children.

Try: This is My home 这是我的家 by Steven Ng and X Kwang

Try: 乌龟蜗牛赛跑 by 万一光, 张雪芳 (ILLUS.)


Pustaka Nasional (Malay Publisher)

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As the leading Malay/Muslim publisher in Singapore, Pustaka Islamiyah Pte Ltd carries children’s books as well as fiction and non-fiction.  Most of their children’s series offer translations in English. They also concentrate on publishing translated Islamic texts in Singapore.

Try: Goodbye Siti by Jumaini Ariff

Try: Di Mana Rumah Saya? by Nur-El-Hudaa Jaffar

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