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You’ve been eyeing that book. The one that your friend has been talking about. The one with that lovely cover and awesome reviews all over. But you don’t – because you don’t really have the time. Because you’re not even sure if you can sit through a book anymore.

That’s fine, these things happen, all the time. So we found a reason for you.

The National Reading Day on 30th July.

And if calling it ‘The Reading Day’ (National some more) is not enough for you, how about reading for a cause? You can organise a reading gathering with your friends and The National Library Board will donate a book to NLB’s young beneficiaries for every 15 minutes 10 people spent reading (simply take a group pic and #readforbookssg)

So check out our guide on how to enjoy the upcoming Reading day and head down to your favourite BookNook on the 30th July to get your reading momentum back. Because once you get it back, it’s going to feel amazing and you know you won’t want to stop.

• • •

1. Dress comfy


Whether at home or outside, being comfy when reading is always important. So if you’re thinking about going out to NLB, a park or a café to read, dress in light cotton wear to survive our eternal summer but bring a cardi/jacket to brave our freezing air con.

Alternatively, if you’re going to stay home, grab your favourite PJs, crank up the air con (but only to 24 degrees cause global warming is real) and get snuggled up somewhere soft and cushiony.

2. Bring munchies

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The next most crucial thing is having snacks to nibble on while reading. Especially if the book has tons of detailed descriptions of food that’s bound to get you all hungry. But I’ve learnt from experience that fruits work best because you often reach for the tidbits while engrossed and by the time you finish the book, you feel all bloated and gross from that entire packet of hot and spicy flavoured chips you just binge ate.

SO for all you itchy mouthed people, grab some yummy snacks and have it on hand as you read, just to add a little more happiness to your reading. Don’t forget the tissues/wet wipes to clean your fingers on before turning the page!

3. Bring a friend

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You know that feeling when you’ve just finished a book and you’re reeling from the immensity of the adventure you just embarked on so much so that all you can talk about for the next week is that book you just finished? Well, share the happiness and get a friend/family member/partner/complete-stranger-who-doesn’t-look-dangerous addicted too!

This way you both can tell each other about the books you just read, exchange readings lists and swap books. Make a day or date of it and spend some quality (reading) time together.

4. Tell people about it

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In this day and age of rampant social media, pics or it didn’t happen, right? The NLB has wisely recognised that so Read For Books@Your Own Space just requires you to send in a picture of you (and company) reading and voila! Books will be donated to their beneficiaries too! Easy, isn’t it?

After hashtagging your prettily arranged photo of a book next to a mug of coffee or some flowers, you can go ahead and take one more shot of you reading and know you’ve given a child somewhere a new book to read.


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Here it is. This is your cue to go get that book you’ve been wanting to get but telling yourself you shouldn’t or you can’t, or you already have so many other books to read. Maybe the Book of the Year or Singapore Literature Prize Winners will do the magic too.

Don’t have one in mind?

Try a Look Search on LocalBooks and see which book will fit your mood. How about something crazy like A Book for Me Who Need a Sign ?

So book lovers, young and old alike here’s the call to celebrate reading.

Get your glasses, bookmarks and get ready to geek out!

Happening islandwide on 30 July 2016.

• • •

 LocalBooks.sg delivers in less than 3 days.


Chloe has three great loves in life, books, food and the ocean and is happiest when she is reading by the sea while eating some yummy tidbit or the other. One of the great dreams she has is to be locked in a bookstore overnight and have finished all the books she wants to read by the time they open the doors in the morning.




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