The Noob’s Guide to Snuggling Up with Lovely Reads This Valentine’s

Everybody’s got somebody but you?

Perhaps you’re not sure where to start (especially when it comes to local books) or what to gift a fellow unattached friend. Or maybe your Tinder date was a total bust and you don’t feel like renting a date (yes, such a service exists in Singapore).

PRESENTING: The Noob’s Guide to Snuggling Up With Lovely Reads This Valentine’s

The best thing about fictional boyfriends and girlfriends? You can have them all (;

Forget the chick-lit label when you hear the title and see the cover. Misleading as they are, Annabelle Thong promises so much more. And where better to find love than Paris?

Annabelle Thong

A devout Catholic schoolteacher. A charming French man she MUST resist. Running away to The City of Love. Reading and rioting by Uni students. Not necessarily in that order. Has everyone gone mad? Or is it just her? Hilarity ensues when East meets West, and passions ignite.

Compatible dates for Annabelle Thong: That person who loves rom-coms with heart/ That staunch friend who secretly wants to elope with a foreigner/ The reckless romantic with a non-existent love life/ That Asian friend with strict traditional parents disapproving of Western partners

For those of you unwilling to read this in public (because of the cover – yes, we understand because sometimes, we do judge a paperback before flipping it open too), a tip: Wrap any dust jacket over it!

love me

So, you’ve seen this one on the shelves at Popular but never reached out for it. Why? Because the only passion Singaporeans are capable of is in the form of a card? (For those of you at the closing debate during last year’s Singapore Writers’ Festival — you geddit ya?)

Singapore Love Stories

From the HDB heartlander to Sentosa millionaire, the privileged expatriate to the migrant worker, the accidental tourist to the reluctant citizen, delve into the diverse love lives of this island city-state. Singapore Love Stories features seventeen vibrant stories on various perspectives of love.

Compatible dates for Singapore Love Stories: That friend who only reads short stories/ The colleague who needs a new MRT read/ You who believe Singapore is a nation that can love as hard as we compete/ Supporters of the winning team at last year’s SWF closing debate

love me

Go beyond the fluff to the tragedy of forbidden love in The River’s Song.

The River's Song by Suchen Christine Lim

Separated by prison and family circumstances for over 30 years, Ping, the daughter of Chinatown’s Pipa Queen, and Weng, the voice of the people, are finally on the same land again. Secrets and former lovers can’t be avoided in this exploration of identity, love and loss, set against the dramatic upheaval unleashed by Singapore’s prosperity.

Compatible dates for The River’s Song: Readers who love love served with some drama/ Fans of quality Channel 8 dramas

love me

In the mood for a light-hearted companion? How about a blind date with the Date King?

Date King #1: Singapore Dating

Armed with an average personality and a clueless, straight-talking attitude, follow Ah King, a Singaporean guy desperate for love, in the search for his dream girl (i.e., laugh at his misadventures).

Compatible dates for Date King: The one who reads graphic novels/ That single-and-ready-to-mingle friend

love me

Was it just puppy love? Indeed, It’s Complicated: The Game Without Rules

It's Complicated: The Game Without Rules

Just your quiet, unassuming secondary school student taking an interest to a Singaporean who’s just returned from the Big Apple. More than a clueless nerd and the breath-taking girl, this story promises insight into the dating woes of a teen.

Compatible dates for It’s Complicated: The Game Without Rules: The hormonal younger sibling crushing on someone/ That person with a secondary school sweetheart/ You with a bittersweet first love back in the day

love me

Now that you’ve found your paperback date, it’s time to get a room. We get it, not everyone wants to be housed in on February 14.  Here’s a couple of perfect places to bring your date:

The Reading Room

Café hop your way to a book lovers’ haven by day and chill bar by night. Tucked away in 19 Bukit Pasoh Road, this underrated Book Café offers an extensive menu (from Chicken Snitzel to Portobello Fries) and rows of books for you to unwind. The cosy ambience will make you and your date reluctant to leave.

The Book Café

At Seng Kee Building, 20 Martin Road, you will find an all-day breakfast book café. Yup, you read that right. With a wide selection of books and speciality dishes (Eggs Blackstone and Traditional Italian Lemon & Pine Nut pie), this homely café is worth a visit with your date.

Ready to Fall in Love? delivers in 3-5 days.

Article By Sarah Poh

Sarah loves reading as much as she loves tea. She also has no sense of direction, getting lost as often as she does in fictional worlds.




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