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$8 sale.001DUE TO overwhelming demand, we have decided to continue this offer on a selection of books for ONLY $8! These run the gamut from YA books to food guides to biographies. So what’s in store? Read on… (or click on the link at the end of this post)

FOR THOSE WHO ARE YA (Young and Adventurous). From a young girl who making the biggest change of her life thus far, to young detectives to a young royal (no, not that one), these series are just right for those who like a good speedy read that’s filled with a surprise at every turn.

book selections for LB YA.001In the Girl Overboard trilogy — A Rose Among Thorns, A Rose Grows in the Jungle, Everything’s Coming Up Rosie — Rosie recounts what it feels like to be in a place without any old friends, where the weather is always warm, and where her peers seem more interested in enrichment classes than just hanging out. But Rosie isn’t one to see a glass half empty, so she quickly finds ways to make sure that this rose isn’t a wallflower.

Also available are the Archibald duology, which consists of Blue Blood Conspiracy and Black Knight’s Ring, a fantasy set about the young Lord Archibald and how he battles the evil forces both from within and outside the realm. Then there’s the Triple Nine Sleuths series, a nine-book series that sees young detectives Corey, Colton and Stacy facing against dangerous criminals as they attempt to outwit those who are up to no good.

FOR THOSE WHO LIKE A DEEP DIVE INTO FOOD. We all love our makan, book selections for LB (FOOD).001but we often find ourselves racking our brains to answer that perennial question: Where can we find the best food?

Whether its nasi padang, Indian rojak or Hokkien mee, Dr Leslie Tay’s Only The Best! offers some really good answers to that question as he lists a whole slew of fantastic dishes and where to find them. But if you want an even deeper dive into your favourite tasty treats, his other books The End of Char Kway Teow and There’s No Carrot in Carrot Cake offer you insight into what it takes to make those delicious dishes.

FOR THOSE WHO LIKE PICTURES. A LOT OF PICTURES. They say a picture paints a thousand words. Well, if that’s the case, these books contain millions of them.

One of our favourite picture books to fire up the imagination is Fann. Does it have to do with our favourite celebrity sweetheart Fann Wong? It’s not a story about Fann Wong, but illustrator Patrick Yee had met Fann on a trip to Thailand, and was so taken by her that he came up with a picture book about a young girl named Fann. There are no words in this book, so you’re free to make up the story’s narrative content as you go along.

book selections for LB (PIC BOOKS).001Speaking of famous people, you’ll find a lot of them in Russel Wong: Photographs 1980-2005. The famed photographer collects some of his favourite images of your favourite celebs, including Tom Cruise, Jackie Chan, Joan Chen, Richard Gere, Carlos Santana, Shu Qi, former Singapore PM Lee Kuan Yew, Faye Wong, Ang Peng Siong and many more.

Ordinary Singaporeans are what makes up 100 Singaporeans, a photo book featuring well, 100 Singaporeans. If the eyes are the windows to the soul, these Singaporeans have bravely allowed us into theirs in this striking collection of portraits.

A different type of portrait of Singapore can be found in these books — Picturesque Shophouses, Homes of the Holy and Blks & Nos. They’re detailed colouring books with images of your neighbourhood that encourage you to let loose your creativity by adding your own touch.

Art and creativity is also at the forefront of The Girl Under The Bed, a graphic novel by Dave Chua about a girl who finds a ghost called Xiaomei under her bed. Thankfully, the ghost is more Casper than creepy and the pair go on an adventure to find out what happened to Xiaomei. With help from their friend Weizhong, they realise that — well, we won’t spoil it for you. Get this to find out what happened.

FOR THOSE WHO LIKE STORIES ABOUT PEOPLE AND THINGS THAT WENT BEFORE… From ordinary people to world leaders, these books delve not only into the personal lives, but also act as an inspiring record for us.

Take Iskandar Ismail : The Music Man, for example, which tells the life story of one of Singapore’s most notable musicians. Cultural Medallion winner, composer and music director, the late Iskandar Ismail, who died in 2014, helmed national-scale productions including the National Day Parade, Chingay street parade and the Youth Olympic Games.

book selections for LB (PEOPLE).001

He also wrote music for well-known musicals such as Sing To The Dawn and Beauty World and TV dramas such as On The Fringe and A War Diary. Despite not speaking Mandarin, he worked with Asian pop artistes such as Sandy Lam and Jacky Cheung. Ever the working musician, he was still working on music projects even though he had been diagnosed with cancer until he could no longer do so.

Inspiration also fills the pages of I’m Not Perfect, I’m a Mom and Letters to Aly, although they take two very contrasting angles.

I’m Not Perfect is a collection of light-hearted, true stories about the bizarre experience of pregnancy, attempting to avoid public tantrums, making it through the terrible twos (and ones, threes and fours) and trying not to kill the husband while he is trying to be “helpful”.

In Letters to Aly, the author takes a look at what it means to lose a friend to suicide when you’re a teen, and what she had to go through having a loved one gone too soon.

Other books that give you a sneak peek into the lives the authors are Fridays With Philip, a collection of the thoughts and musings of Philip Lim, one of Singapore’s respected journalists who used to contribute a newspaper column every — you guessed it — Friday; and Hold the Char Siew, Benny Lee’s guidebook of sorts on what it means to live and work in Asia, where one thing can have a totally different meaning from country to country.

And last but certainly not least, if you’re looking for a book for your children that will also give them a little insight into a prominent Singaporean, you would do well to get the picture book collection that recounts the life of Singapore’s first Prime Minister, Lee Kuan Yew. This is the Mandarin version and features three books: A Boy Named Harry, Harry Grows Up and Harry Builds A Nation.

You can get these $8 books here. (or you can also browse the other offerings we have on sale)



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