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Mother’s Day is fast approaching (it’s on 13 May, in case you don’t know!) but what can you get mum that will say “Happy Mother’s Day” like no other?

At LocalBooks.sg, we’ll help you say “I love you, Mum” with these book box bundles that are suited for all mothers — from new mums to mums who have had years of experience.

Every book box comes with two books and an accompanying gift, making them great gift ideas that will help you celebrate the most important woman in your life. Every book is different but all of them celebrate what it means to be a mother, to be a woman and the joys of family and friendship.

Each book box is priced at only $62, and if you order these before 8 May, you can get them delivered in time for Mother’s Day!

Here’s a peek into what these boxes contain…


For those who want to say “thank you, mum”

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Sure, you can say what you want to say in a card, but sometimes there isn’t enough space. These books, though, are great reflections about what it means to be a mum.

I’m Not Perfect, I’m a Mom. Most motherhood books tell you how to be the perfect mom and how to raise the perfect kid. This book is not one of them. Written by Jasmine Han and Shelly Holly, I’m Not Perfect, I’m A Mom is a collection of light-hearted — and true — stories about the bizarre experience of motherhood. From dealing with pregnancy to dealing with public tantrums, from making it through the terrible twos (and ones and threes) to trying not to strangle hubby while he is trying to be “helpful”, this book is a must-read for all mothers.

Mum Is Where The Heart IsIn this uproarious memoir, Cultural Medallion winner You Jin employs her wry, inimitable style as she looks what it means to be a mum. The book is filled with her usual wit, warmth and candour, as You Jin bares some of her deepest emotions that have grown out of her personal observations and everyday experiences of life as a mother.

Comes with: A rose-scented candle by Hush Candle, which is made from 100% soy wax and natural Bulgarian rose essential oil — it’s the perfect accompaniment for a good read.

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For the mum who likes to travel 

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These books are just the ticket for mums who want different travel ideas that aren’t your usual tourist hubs.

Larger Than Life. Based in part on the television travelogues she hosted such as Find Me A Singaporean and The Places We Live In, award-winning actress Belinda Lee recounts her travels around the world on the road less travelled. This collection of heart-warming stories features amazing people in the various countries she visits, from the Philippines to India to Kenya to Mongolia, all of whom celebrate the human spirit.

Adventures of 2 Girls. The two girls here are best friends Ning Cai and Pamela Ho, both of whom, at the peak of their careers, decided to break loose from the safe and familiar, stuff their backpacks with bare essentials, and head out into the great wide open. From roughing it out in wild Madagascar to trekking in the Himalayas, it’s a heart-warming, humorous and inspiring story about friendship, chasing dreams, taking risks, and letting go.

Comes with: Organic apple caramel Rooibos tea by Tea Voyage, which is rich in anti-oxidants and caffeine-free — just the cuppa you need to relax.

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For the mum who likes inspiring stories 

500x500 inspiring mum 20180426-LB-BookBox-SNS-02We all need a little lift in our lives sometimes, and these books contain delightful tales of motherhood that will brighten her mood every time.

Sushi and Tapas. Twenty-five women from around the world delight, shock and surprise reveal real-life experiences — from feeling fat to being free-spirited to being in a long-distance relationship to being a mother … in other words, being a modern woman. Sushi and Tapas will leave you laughing and crying for more.

Shaped For A Purpose. After she was diagnosed with muscular dystrophy, doctors told Sherena Loh that she would only live until she was 25. Now, years later, Sherena is living a full life — she graduated with a degree and various diplomas, got married and currently serves as the executive director of the Muscular Dystrophy Association (Singapore), which she helped set up. Be inspired by reveals how she overcame the struggles and obstacles Life threw at her.

Comes with: A rose-scented candle by Hush Candle, which is made from 100% soy wax and natural Bulgarian rose essential oil — it’s the perfect accompaniment for a good read.

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For the mum who loves her makan 

500x500 cooking mum 20180426-LB-BookBox-SNS-04Perhaps you have a mum who likes to try new recipes, or perhaps you want to whip up something special for your mum — this is the book box for you.

Grandma’s Recipes. Graphic designer Christal Sih, 24, initially started Grandma’s Recipes as a design book, but later added recipes with the help of her grandmother. The book contains fantastic pictures, and tasty recipes that are easy to prepare, such as the dark sauce chicken and Singaporean-Chinese curry. But this book makes you think about how food has become is a bridge between different generations in a family.

Cook With Ami. This book offers Japanese home-style dishes — and yes, it features all your favourite foods, whether it’s chicken karaage, ebi fry, okonomiyaki or a simple-but-effective nabeyaki udon. The plus point: All the dishes are fairly easy to prepare and cook and author Ami Yamashita also has included pages of tips about how preparation and packaging.

Comes with: A sit-up scraping spoon from DreamFarm, dubbed “the world’s best cooking spoon” — just what you need to ease your kitchen woes.

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