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The June school holidays are here! Parents, if you’re wondering what you can do to keep your children occupied while at the same time engaging their imagination, we have an idea: Why not get them some cool books to read? Books don’t need connectivity, recharging or batteries to keep the little ones entertained, and they’re easily available from our online store or bookshops.

Here are some of our choice picks:


For those who like their football: the Superkicks series

It’s another World Cup year, but you can still get some cool football action even if you don’t stay up to watch the matches. We’re talking about the Superkicks series, of course, by Don Bosco and Benedict Foo. This series follows Lee Jin, who joins the Superkicks training programme to be a football star.

The new instalment Dare To Dream sees Lee Jin and gang back for holiday training – this time, they have a winning chance to get coached by superstar Toshi Ronaldo. But who will get the prize?



For parents who want to have less screen time for their kids: Timothy and the Phubbers

Written in the vein of Roald Dahl or David Walliams, Ken Kwek’s Timothy and the Phubbers revolves around 12-year-old Timothy Pong, who finds that life in secondary school isn’t smooth sailing. For one thing, the most menacing bully in school, Bella, has plucked him out as her new favourite target. He can’t turn to his family for help because they are “phubbers” — they only interact with each other through mobile devices. Luckily, Timothy’s friends come to his aid with a plan to get even.



Lion-Boy-and-Drummer-Girl-Pauline-Loh-00-resizedFor those who like K-pop with a twist: Lion Boy and Drummer Girl

Author Pauline Loh makes a return to the YA genre with this light-hearted romp where lion dance has become the new pop craze. Ricky is part of a lion dance troupe and he has eyes for Ying Ying, the girl who plays the drums during the performances. Unfortunately for Ricky, she doesn’t think much of him; and she sniffs at the way the hordes of screaming girls throw themselves at the lion boys. So what can Ricky do? Can there be love in a time of lion dance?


Rage-Elodie-Kyra-00-resizedFor those who like their sci-fi: Rage

Elodie Kyra – the sister of Gabby Tye, who wrote the popular RunHideSeek series – comes into her own with this new offering that’s already a bestseller. It tells the story of Jordan, who hates the mindless rules, conformity and monotony of education in Singapore, but her loathing turns to fear when one day, all her boisterous classmates turn strangely silent and well-behaved. Only she and her best friend seem to be unaffected – or is he? There’s only one way to find out. (Read the book.)


Misdirection-Ning-Cai-00-resizedFor those who like their thrillers: Misdirection

Author Ning Cai’s latest book has been on the Top 10 bestsellers list, and with good reason. This thriller centres around Maxine Schooling (no relation to Joseph), who wakes up from a three-year coma to find that someone has killed her family. However, she discovers that she has also acquired photographic memory. Using this special ability, she covertly helps the police track down a serial killer, even as she hunts for the one who murdered her parents and brother.


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