Journey to Impact

Bringing Hope and Change to Indonesia's Youth Through Social Entrepreneurship

Veronica Colondam | Editions Didier Millet | 2017


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Veronica Colondam established the YCAB Foundation in Jakarta, Indonesia in 1999. YCAB stands for Yayasan Cinta Anak Bangsa, which translates from Indonesian to English as ‘Loving the Nation’s Children Foundation’. The foundation is dedicated to the betterment of children’s lives through education and financial assistance. Veronica and YCAB’s stories are inextricably intertwined and Journey to Impact tells both. Veronica is open and honest about the steep learning curve she encountered in the early years of YCAB, detailing what she learnt from her failures and struggles, as well as how she achieved her successes. Personal insights into an extraordinary organisation by its founder and compelling story of personal and institutional development.
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