2D Inorganic Materials Beyond Graphene


Two-dimensional materials have had widespread applications in nanoelectronics, catalysis, gas capture, water purification, energy storage and conversion. Initially based around graphene, research has since moved on to looking at alternatives, including transitions metal dichalcogenides, layered topological insulators, metallic mono-chalcogenides, borocarbonitrides and phosphorene.

This book provides a review of research in the field of these materials, including investigation into their defects, analysis on hybrid structures focusing on their properties and synthesis, and characterization and applications of 2D materials beyond graphene. It is designed to be a single-point reference for students, teachers and researchers of chemistry and its related subjects, particularly in the field of nanomaterials.

Sample Chapter(s)
Chapter 1: Transition Metal Dichalcogenides and Other Layered Materials (2.97 MB)


  • Transition Metal Dichalcogenides and Other Layered Materials (Manoj K Jana and C N R Rao)
  • Topological Valleytronics (Motohiko Ezawa)
  • Two-Dimensional, Layered Materials as Catalysts for Oxygen Reduction Reaction (Debdyuti Mukherjee and S Sampath)
  • Phosphorene (Arpita Paul and Umesh V Waghmare)
  • 2D van der Waals Hybrid: Structures, Properties and Devices (Md Ali Aamir, Tanweer Ahmed, Kimberly Hsieh, Saurav Islam, Paritosh Karnatak, Ranjit Kashid, Phanibhusan Singha Mahapatra, Jayanta Mishra, Tathagata Paul, Avradip Pradhan, Kallol Roy, Anindita Sahoo and Arindam Ghosh)
  • Thermoelectric Energy Conversion in Layered Metal Chalcogenides (Satya N Guin, Ananya Banik and Kanishka Biswas)
  • Plasma Chemical and Physical Vapour Deposition Methods and Diagnostics for 2D Materials (Majed A. Alrefae, Nicholas R Glavin, Andrey A Voevodin and Timothy S Fisher)
  • Metal Contacts to MOS2 (Naveen Kaushik, Sameer Grover, Mandar M Deshmukh and Saurabh Lodha)
  • Strain Dependent Properties of 2D MX2 (M = Mo and W; X = S, Se and Te) (Tribhuwan Pandey, Swastibrata Bhattacharyya and Abhishek K Singh)
  • Point Defects, Grain Boundaries and Planar Faults in 2D h-BN and TMX2: Theory and Simulations (Anjali Singh and Umesh V Waghmare)
Readership: Students, teachers and researchers of chemistry and its related subjects, particularly in the field of nanomaterials. 
ISBN: 9781786342690
Cover Type: Hardcover
Page Count: 476
Year Published: 2017
Language: English

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