A Law unto Themselves


This title is part of Robert Yeo’s First Editions, it was published in 1966.

The acclaim for Parkinson’s Law and its successors has undoubtedly been largely due to their accuracy as well as their wit; this kind of satirical writing is the offspring of a sharp critical eye and a fertile creative gift. Parkinson’s readers have long been asking how the Law came to be written—in fact, what make Parkinson tick. Here is the answer, not in the form of straight autobiography but in a series of portrait sketches of those who have influenced him most. William Edward Parkinson, Marylin Wailes, Edward Welbourne, Geoffry Callender, Evan John, Eric Gill, Arthur Bryant, Gerald Templer, Lee Kuan Yew, Richard Miers, Sibyl Hathaway. Interest in what is being revealed about the growth of Professor Parkinson’s thought may disguise at first the nature and extent of his achievement. A little reflection will show that here, in eleven chapters about a group of intriguing and remarkable individualists, is distilled the essence of much of the British way of life over the last fifty years, both in these islands and overseas. Much of it is unexpected, much amusing: and through it one gets a glimpse of how men really influence each other.

Cover Type: Hardcover
Page Count: 180
Year Published: 1966
Language: English

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