A Luxury We Cannot Afford

Publisher: Math Paper Press
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Singapore is a country of many invented, transplanted, or self-made myths and fables, but one looms above them all. 1969 marks the famous declaration of the myth:
"Poetry is a luxury we cannot afford."
As our island nation approaches its 50th anniversary wielding extraordinary wealth
and prosperity, it is timely to review the narrative that has shepherded us through the past half-century. Indeed, it seems only poetic justice to examine this polarising mythos through the ballyhooed medium of poetry. To praise and appraise this most poetic of figures, 56 of Singapore's finest poets offer up 65 poems that promise to excite, exhilarate, and electrify, to a man.

Co-edited by Christine Chia and Joshua Ip.

ISBN: 9789810926533
Page Count: 129
Year Published: 2014
Language: English

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