A Luxury We Must Afford

Publisher: Math Paper Press

What does the future of Singapore hold?
In 2015, the anthology “A Luxury We Cannot Afford” commemorated 50 years of man-made myth - 50 years of mysteries and ministries, Marxists and memorandums, the Merlion and The Man - and whether the 1969 assertion that “poetry is a luxury we cannot afford” still held true in the 2010s.
But instead of looking back, this companion volume to the first looks forward to everything after SG50 and beyond. It is a collection of bold narratives of Singaporeans shaping their own future, a cornucopia of hyper-modern dreams of robots and aliens, yet also tales of muted despair at a future slipping out of touch with the past. But in this uncertain future, there is no longer any need to debate whether poetry is a luxury we cannot afford. In this island of oxymorons and contradictions, in this brave new world we look forward to — Poetry is a luxury we must afford.

ISBN: 9789810986612
Cover Type: Softcover
Page Count: 168
Year Published: 2016
Language: English

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