A River Called Beautiful

Publisher: Landmark Books

Singapore in the late twenties. To the imposing gates of a grand mansion comes a young bride from China; to a wealthy Teochew family ruled by a stern and forbidding matriarch. The one scholarly and gentle, the other strongwilled and domineering.
Coming unexpectedly into the breach is a woman fleeing the cruelty of her own mother-in-law in China. The scenario she witnesss as the family’s baby amah – ni boh – germinates a resolve to mediate between the two, to protect and serve for the sake of what is good and precious.
It is this quiet devotion which young Chor Jee, granddaughter if the house, relates as, over sixty years, Ni Boh stays with the family; through the good times of the thirties, the coming of war and the terror of the Japanese Occupation, the liberation of Singapore and the swift changes of modernisation.
Through it all, Ni Boh endures, like a gently flowing river, bearing without complaint the joys, sorrows and challenges, the accumulated memories of five eventful generations.

ISBN: 9789813065055
Cover Type: Softcover
Year Published: 1997
Language: English

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