A Storm Approaches

Publisher: Armour Publishing

It’s a dog’s life! Blue Storm, a Border Collie puppy, is adopted by Josiah Gan and faces challenges galore: a shocking introduction to a new den, understanding the humans in his life… and living with his feisty ‘big sister’, the Sheltie named Maple Snow. A Storm Approaches, the first book of the Storm Warning trilogy, tells of Storm’s growth from a curious, destructive puppy into a show-stealing adolescent.
Storm Warning recounts a powerful true story of loyalty, friendship and growth through a dog’s eyes—and how a single life can touch hundreds more. With its vivid art and humorous yet poignant storytelling, this trilogy will educate, fascinate and delight graphic novel fans, animal lovers and pet owners.

ISBN: 9789814597135
Page Count: 80
Year Published: 2014
Language: English

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