A White Rose at Midnight

Publisher: Epigram Books

On the cusp of independence, cultures collide in a bedroom in Singapore. The English-educated scholar Hua Min is disillusioned until he meets the Chinese-educated ex-nightclub singer Ching Mei. When Su-Ling, Hua Min’s ex-classmate, returns from London, Hua Min is torn between the women’s advances. Humorous, witty and prescient, A White Rose At Midnight is a pithy portrait of a soul—and nation—divided.

A White Rose At Midnight was first staged to critical acclaim by the Experimental Theatre Club in 1964. It was pioneer playwright Lim Chor Pee’s second and final play after the landmark Mimi Fan (1962).

ISBN: 9789814615488
Page Count: 128
Year Published: 2015
Language: English

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