Altered Straits

Publisher: Epigram Books

Longlisted for Epigram Books Fiction Prize 2015 

In an alternate 1947 filled with mystical creatures, Singapuran boy-soldier Naufal Jazair is bonded to the merlion Bahana and enlisted in a war against an aggressive neighbour. Meanwhile, in a dystopian Singapore in 2047, SAF officer Titus Ang is tasked with entering Naufal’s universe and retrieving a merlion to save the future of Singapore from the Concordance, a hive intelligence that is close to consuming what remains of humanity.

“A powerful monster of a novel. Intertwining myth and history, gender and sexuality, human and animal, Altered Straits adds its own unique voice to the growing tradition of speculative fiction in Singaporean writing." 
Philip Holden, author of Heaven Has Eyes and Professor of English, NUS

“A compulsively readable melding of SF and fantasy, intelligent and entertaining, with a refreshingly different world view.”
—Eric Brown, author of Helix Wars

ISBN: 9789814757874
Page Count: 384
Year Published: 2017
Language: English

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