Anwar Ibrahim

Publisher: Monsoon Books
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Long before the recent Arab Spring, when the topic of democracy with in many Muslim countries took center stage internationally, Malaysia‰۪s Anwar Ibrahim, an energetic and charismatic politician, had been one of the most vocal global proponents of the compatibility of Islam and democratic principles. Anwar, who at one time was asked to be secretary-general of the United Nations, has lived a life that is a compelling testimony of the growth and evolution of his love for his country and his faith. Anwar has been active at the highest levels of Malaysian politics for over thirty years, and though he has been jailed for his activism on several occasions, he continues to be a dynamic, passionate voice for the diverse cultures, religions, and peoples of Malaysia. Anwar‰۪s life story is told in a factual, impartial way, and his one-on-one interviews with this book‰۪s author add a personal component. This volume is essential reading for those interested to develop their understanding of the complexities and controversies surrounding Anwar Ibrahim and his place in Malaysian society, as well as those interested in attitudes toward politics and religion in modern Islamic contexts.

ISBN: 9789814423717
Page Count: 336
Year Published: 2014
Language: English

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