Asian Spine Chillers, Vol.4

Publisher: Monsoon Books

Volume 4 of Asian Spine Chillers by Andrew Lee features fantastic spooky stories set in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines and Hong Kong as well as letters to the author from terrified readers sharing their supernatural experiences. Bring this print book to life with augmented reality by using your smartphone or tablet and the free Monsoon Books app (for iOS and Android) and watch as a hidden story is retold in 3D animation and video before your eyes!

Stories in this volume includes:

The Poker Player (Philippines)
With this Ring (Singapore)
Fire, Fire, Burning Bright (Hong Kong)
Occupied (Hong Kong)
Sleepwalker (Singapore)
Vanished (Singapore)
Death at Sea (Thailand)
The Last Boat (Singapore)
Face in the Door (Singapore)
Little Boy Bad (Singapore)
Chicken Feed (Malaysia)
Fangs (Philippines)
Mummy Loves You (Indonesia)
Pins and Needles (Malaysia)
Ghouls and Boys Come Out to Play (Thailand)
The White Floor (Singapore)
One Night in June (Thailand)

Find the rest of the series here!


ISBN: 9789814423960
Page Count: 128
Year Published: 2014
Language: English

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