Bali Undercover

Publisher: Monsoon Books

In this follow-up to his international bestseller Bali Raw, Malcolm Scott strips off the island‰۪s sunny veneer to reveal its dark and dirty underbelly, taking the reader where no tourist guide ever will. Take a walk through the night streets of Kuta Beach to meet its wild and willing hookers, its dolled-up trannies and desperate college girls, and discover first hand all the sexy and sleazy secrets that the island hides by day. Creep through grimy alleyways awash with drugs and thugs and corrupt cops, and hang out in seedy bars full of cheap booze, rowdy pimps and bloody fist fights. Sneak a peek into the private lives of shifty locals and wide-eyed Australian tourists, and enjoy a voyeur‰۪s view of the deceit, drama and everything else the island is afraid to show us. In yet another steamy expos̩ of Bali and its sins and secrets, Bali Undercover suggests why the island may no longer be paradise, but a paradise lost.

ISBN: 9789814625135
Page Count: 232
Year Published: 2015
Language: English

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