Best of Singapore Erotica

Publisher: Monsoon Books

In this first-ever compendium of erotic writing from Singapore, we are presented with a selection of short stories, poetry and narrative nonfiction that is as hot and steamy as the city-state itself. From the Indonesian maid to the Singaporean prostitute, the local schoolteacher to the American expatriate, the twenty-seven contributions in this book embrace a wide range of erotic beliefs and practices. Absolutely nothing is out of bounds, offering readers a glimpse into the erotic lives of Singapore‰۪s inhabitants. Gerrie Lim, author of bestselling Invisible Trade, reports on the island‰۪s hidden world of high-end escorts in Walking The Dog, Singapore Young Artist Award-winner Felix Cheong muses on exotic dancers and their customers in Dancer from the Dance and Singapore‰۪s hottest blogger, Miss Izzy, serves up some raunchy new fiction with Club Koyaanisquatsi. Local luminaries Kirpal Singh and Robert Yeo weigh in with poetry and prose, and are joined by well-known Singapore writers Cyril Wong and Chris Mooney-Singh. The subject of virginity loss is approached from various standpoints, in one story a Singaporean woman joyfully loses her virginity at an early age, while in another she keeps it well into her thirties, despite enjoying a steady stream of erotic fantasies. The female voice is articulated in a variety of social settings by Samarah Zafirah, Meihan Boey, Alice Lee Am and Alison Lester. Best of Singapore Erotica is a timely addition to the small but growing body of contemporary Asian erotic literature and successfully showcases the best writing from Singapore, assembled into Asia‰۪s sexiest anthology to date.

ISBN: 9789814423922
Page Count: 264
Year Published: 2013
Language: English

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