Bo Bo and Cha Cha Cook Up a Storm!

Publisher: Epigram Books
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One day in the estate of Toa Payoh, Bo Bo and Cha Cha get their aprons on to help Mr. Pan at his rojak stall. As the queue grows longer, crazy hijinks ensue and the pandas almost overcook the peanuts. Bo Bo also accidentally burns the you tiao!

Just after they finally put the rojak together, Ram Gordon the famous chef appears! What will he think of the rojak the pandas have cooked? Will Mr. Pan’s reputation be ruined?

Find out more in the new title from the Bo Bo and Cha Cha series, Bo Bo and Cha Cha Cook Up a Storm!

ISBN: 9789814615334
Page Count: 32
Year Published: 2014
Language: English

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