Boss of Me

Publisher: Armour Publishing

The people you will meet in this book pursued their dream jobs with a dynamic combination of bravery, support from family and friends, and lots of drive and determination. What these achievers have done can be repeated in many different fields and you too can transform your passion into something gratifying and profitable. Their incredible stories and real-life advice inside will help you think big and get started on the path to the right job, right now.
Inside, you'll read about how photographer, Geoff Ang, transformed himself from a primary school dropout into a sought-after photographer making up to $80,000 a day, understand from Zouk's founder, Lincoln Cheng, how being a pioneer can make you number one and find out from Dr Georgia Lee, Singapore's most glamorous aesthetician, how giving more than you take can make you a millionaire many times over.

Motivating and inspirational, this is a pocketbook of big thinking and serves as an unconventional career guide for people who are wide awake to the power of right thought!

ISBN: 9789814222556
Page Count: 136
Year Published: 2008
Language: English

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