Case Studies For Corporate Finance


Case Studies for Corporate Finance: From A (Anheuser) to Z (Zyps) (In 2 Volumes) provides a distinctive collection of 51 real business cases dealing with corporate finance issues over the period of 1985–2014. Written by Harold Bierman Jr, world-renowned author in the field of corporate finance, the book spans over different areas of finance which range from capital structures to leveraged buy-outs to restructuring. While the primary focus of the case studies is the economy of the United States, other parts of the world are also represented. Notable to this comprehensive case studies book are questions to which unique solutions are offered in Volume 2, all of which aim to provide the reader with simulated experience of real business situations involving corporate financial decision-making. Case studies covered include that of Time Warner (1989–1991), The Walt Disney Company (1995), Exxon–Mobil (1998), Mitsubishi's Zero Coupon Convertible Bond (2000), and Apple (2014).

ISBN: 9789814667272 (Softcover), 9789814667012 (Hardcover Set)
Cover Type: Hardcover Set, Softcover Set
Page Count: 920
Year Published: 2017
Language: English

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