Chasing the Dragon Out

By: Jix Sze

This book is an honest no-holds barred biography. Author Jix Sze starts by sharing about the teenage years of his delinquency; his drug addiction, the illegal activities and the life he lived as a heroin addict. His account of the events, experiences and harrowing moments also offer a glimpse of the activities, happenings and culture in 1970s Singapore.

He goes on to talk about the defining moment that saved him from several years of heroin addiction, a delinquent life and averted plausible criminal conviction. The account of his life after addiction focuses on the transformation that brought about purpose and empowerment. This influenced and altered his destiny in his journey through life. The book also touches on his accomplishments and successes, and is filled with moments of inspiration and encouraging liners.

The concluding part of the book centres on his current passion in chasing a different rush in life. A passion derived from a life of chasing a smoke dragon rush and eventually chasing the dragon out of his life and plus from his forty years of successful endeavours and achievements.

ISBN: 9789814794404
Cover Type: Softcover
Page Count: 192
Year Published: 2017
Language: English

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