Chinese Stories in Times of Change


These stories are told with a lucid economy of style and a singular depth of understanding. They bear witness in the way that good writing can to the suffering caused by political violence and the arrogance of imperialism. They also show how people from different cultures meet, fall in love and misunderstand one another. The range of experience David Wong explores is wide and various. His stories are informed by momentous historical events whose relevance to the times we live in will be felt by any reader who takes up this book. Reading them is a continuous process of discovery about things that matter.
—Jon Cook
Professor of Literature and Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Humanities
University of East Anglia, UK

These stories are beautiful. David T. K. Wong creates characters whose experience of the denial of fairness and justice permeates their lives and ambitions. They know that their lives have greater promise and struggle with their powerlessness. Wong shows us what we must cherish and be vigilant to safeguard in these lyrical stories.
—Kate Allen
Director of Amnesty International, UK

ISBN: 9789814276696
Year Published: 2009
Language: English

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