Confessions of a Bangkok Private Eye

Publisher: Monsoon Books

‰Û÷Two-timing bargirls, suspicious spouses and lesbian lovers‰ÛÓit was all in a day‰۪s work for Bangkok Private Eye Warren Olson.‰۪

For more than a decade Olson walked the mean streets of the Big Mango. Fluent in Thai and Khmer, he was able to go where other Private Eyes feared to tread. His clients included Westerners who had lost their hearts‰ÛÓand life savings‰ÛÓto money-hungry bargirls. But he had more than his fair share of Thai clients, too, including a sweet old lady who was ripped off by a Christian conman and a Thai girl blackmailed by a former lover. The stories are based on Olson‰۪s case files, fictionalised (to protect the innocent, and the guilty) by bestselling author Stephen Leather. Olson has now relocated to his native New Zealand with his Thai wife and daughter, but the agency that he founded is still open for business at

ISBN: 9789810548322
Page Count: 232
Year Published: 2008
Language: English

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