Contemporary Issues in Mediation (Volume 2)


Should mediation be used in all family disputes?

Is the time right for apology legislation in Singapore?

What can mediators learn from improvisation theatre & neuro-linguistic programming?

As the field of mediation continues to grow, so do the issues that face the modern mediator. Contemporary Issues in Mediation-Volume 2 provides a valuable launch-point for readers seeking answers to these questions, collecting the very best entries selected by leaders in the mediation and negotiation field — Prof. Joel Lee (National University of Singapore) and Marcus Lim (Singapore International Mediation Institute). This edition includes three essays on family mediation, and is an especially valuable addition to professionals working with family mediation.

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Foreword (35 KB)
Scaling Up Safety for the Sake of Self-Determination: Exploring Options to Mediation and Cases of Family Violence in Singapore (247 KB)

  • Essays on Family Mediation:
    • Scaling Up Safety for the Sake of Self-Determination: Exploring Options to Mediation and Cases of Family Violence in Singapore (Khoo May Ann Esther)
    • Mediation of Family Disputes in Singapore Following the Amendments to the Women's Charter in 2011 (Too Fang Yi)
    • Mediation as an Appropriate Form of Dispute Resolution for Family Disputes: The Case for an Interdisciplinary Approach (Yeoh Jean Ann)
  • Essays on General Mediation:
    • Mandatory Mediation in Singapore: Cultural Compatibilities (Justin Low Ching Wei)
    • To Mediate or Not to Mediate: An Analysis of When It Would be Reasonable to Reject Mediation (Wang Chen Yan)
    • Promoting ASEAN as a Platform for Collaborative Dispute Settlement — Institutionalising Administered Mediation in ASEAN (Maryam H Rozlan)
    • Making Mediators Better Performers — Use of Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Improvisation Theatre for Creative Results (Rumani Kaushal Sheth)
    • And Never the Twain Shall Meet? An Analysis of the Benefits of Caucus Mediation and Conference Mediation (Choong Jia Shun)
    • The Paradox of Power and Neutrality in Mediation (Seah Ern Xu)
    • Learning from Hong Kong for a Mediation and an Apology Legislation in Singapore (Michelle Wong)

Readership: This series is intended for students and professionals in mediation as well as the general public. 


ISBN: 9789813225633
Cover Type: Hardcover
Page Count: 164
Year Published: 2017
Language: English

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