Creative Writing


This title is part of Robert Yeo’s First Editions, it was published in 1969.

Have you, as a teacher, ever thrown up your arms in despair at the seeming lack of response from the set of blank expressions in front of you? Take heart — you are not alone!

Mrs. Marie Bong, a teacher for many years, found this extremely exasperating too. But one day, she discovered the secret of evoking creative responses from her pupils.

In this book, she describes this exciting experiment, and gives us a glimpse of the creative efforts of her young pupils. Academically, they are merely “average” pupils in school, pupils who have to work very hard to pass examinations, who nibble pencils more than they write with when confronted with a set essay. Yet, given free rein, their feelings pour forth in fluid, even poetic, phrases. This, surely, is an experiment that other teachers may well emulate. Creative Writing is definitely a milestone in our efforts to provide a fuller education to our young.

Cover Type: Hardcover
Page Count: 42
Year Published: 1969
Language: English

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