Dad's Too Busy (book 1)

Publisher: Epigram Books

Six-year-old Emma’s having a tough time. Her mum and dad are both too busy to pay much attention to her, and Emma feels really lonely sometimes. When she finds a tabby cat sitting outside her window, she takes it in without her parents’ permission. Soon the secret becomes more and more difficult to keep, but armed with her spunkiness and a newfound independence, Emma and her new companion find much joy in tiptoeing around her parents, and soon become the best of friends.

When her parents finally discover her secret, Emma tells them about how her cat has been there for her, and they realise that they haven’t been giving Emma the time and attention she needs.

Find the rest of the series here!

Dad's at Home by Lily Kong

Dad's for Sale

ISBN: 9789814757676
Year Published: 2016
Language: English

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