Danger Dan and Gadget Girl: The Zany Zombie-fest (book 4)

Publisher: Epigram Books

What do you get when you mix one cup of Banana Mania Milk, a chicken rice food pastille, a dash of the undead and a sprinkle of terror? A recipe for disaster! Danny discovers that his favourite pastime—eating—has taken on a whole new flavour in 2135.   In The Zany Zombie-fest , Danger Dan, Gadget Girl and Power Paws come face-to-face with the horrifying monsters of Haw Par Villa… and we’re not even talking about those in the Ten Courts of Hell! The superheroes have to defuse the situation or risk becoming zombies themselves. Will they triumph? Or will this House of Horrors haunt them forever?

ISBN: 9789814757089
Page Count: 136
Year Published: 2017
Language: English

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