Digitally Remastered

Publisher: Armour Publishing

51 billion minutes on Facebook each month.
Most adults spend more time using technology than sleeping.

IT permeates our every waking moment, opening up vast possibilities daily. We can do things more quickly, more efficiently, we can do more.
Yet there is a downside - days absorbed in social media, a quarter of working hours in unproductive online activity. And more sinister: loss of privacy, anonymity, the undisclosed harvesting of personal details by commercial and government organisations.
Technology is about power - always.

Guy Brandon shows in this enormously helpful and practical book that the impact of communications technologies is not merely technological: it is relational and spiritual. And the reality is that unless we master them, then they will master us.

So who is really in charge?

ISBN: 9789814789547
Page Count: 176
Year Published: 2017
Language: English

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