By: Mani Rao
Publisher: Math Paper Press

You know a language well if it does things you don’t have control over. Bring me the words without meanings, words all meanings have abandoned, sentenced to meaninglessness.

Fortune tellers smile in magazine columns. A mystery hero steals the fantasies of people he likes the look of.

“Mani Rao is a poet’s poet, and echolocation is a collection for those of us tired of the conventional logic in reading much of contemporary poetry written today.”
— Cyril Wong

“For several years, Mani Rao has been cutting her own fiercely singular path through the thickets of our language; with each new book her compositional values become both more light and more precise, and her gestures – for this is a poetry of intense ellipsis – more sure, more instantaneous, more stunning.”
— Vivek Narayanan

“The poems deserve closer, less clichéd attention. They are reflections of sex, blood, and god, and while they look like prose on the page, in the mouth they feel like poetry.”
— Jeet Thayil

ISBN: 9789810911409
Cover Type: Softcover
Page Count: 45
Year Published: 2014
Language: English

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