Frequently Asked Questions About Christianity (Revised Edition)

Publisher: Armour Publishing

With over 8,000 copies of the first edition sold, the revised Frequently Asked Questions About Christianity is an updated and enhanced compilation of answers to 60 commonly asked questions about Christianity.
Answers are provided in short bullet points and give small group leaders involved in evangelistic group discussion the confidence to facilitate discussion. This revised edition also includes a detailed appendix on understanding worldviews and communicating the gospel in a multicultural world. This book is useful as a pre-evangelism tool to help seekers remove their objections to faith. Topics covered include:
Topics covered include:
God and Other Religions
Jesus’ Life and Ministry
Sin and Salvation
Prayer, Bible and Divine Guidance
Holy Spirit
Divine Healing
Church Practices
God and Science

ISBN: 9789814668354
Page Count: 112
Year Published: 2015
Language: English

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