God's Faithfulness, My Faith

By: Mary Tham
Publisher: Armour Publishing

Come, follow the journeys of men and women as they testify of the Lord’s ever faithful presence in their lives. Through sickness, adversity, imprisonment and financial difficulty, these pilgrims experienced God’s divine touch, time after time, and received encouragement and fuel for their journeys. Mary, who helmed this book project and contributed her own story of being a single-parent, wants to convey the message: As God has initiated a covenant with His children, He expects us also to keep our side of the promise—simply by obeying Him. As you read every page, may you encounter the Almighty Lord’s quiet yet active involvement in every believer’s step of faith.

ISBN: 9789814765312
Cover Type: Softcover
Page Count: 136
Year Published: 2016
Language: English

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